5 Tips on Manscaping to Start Today!

Just as everything else in life requires an effective plan set first before making any move, so does Manscaping. Oh, and let alone everything else, imagine whacking your way through an uncharted territory within a forest without a strategy. How many mistakes and errors would you make?

Because we care about your hygiene and how you look just as much as you do, we will give you a few tips on Manscaping you will undoubtedly want to begin using today for a better experience. Need we say how important it is to do things right? Even the slightest misstep in the entire procedure will regrettably send you to a world of hurt so be sure to read on; a few tips to get you started coupled with general do’s and don’t you surely want to follow.

5 Great Tips on Manscaping

Tip #1: The Right Tools

is manscaping uncomfortable
It’s important to use the right tools for the job. A good body groomer and a great disposable razor will be your go to tools here. If you’ve ever tried other methods of removing hair below the belt you’ll know how important it is to use the right thing.

I’ve seen people try to use liquid hair removal (which states it’s not to be used on genitals) and all sorts of other techniques. Save yourself the time and trouble and be prepared to use the right tools the first time.

Tip #2: Warm Things Up

It’s important to warm things up by either jumping in the shower or using a nice warm cloth. Once you’ve trimmed your pubes with a body groomer go ahead and warm the skin with your preferred method. I usually just jump in for a shower.

Once the skins nice and warm its ready to be shaved. Warm skin loosens hair follicles and lets you achieve a closer smoother shave.

Tip #3: Shave This or That?

We’re always asked if it’s better to shave or trim. Truth is it’s totally up to you. Our recommendation is to do what you and your significant other like best.

Experimenting with this can be a lot of fun as well. Add new excitement to a relationship and explore new possibilities with being shaved below the belt. From what we’ve learned over time it’s that women love a man who takes care of himself down there.

Tip #4: It’s Not A Race!

Take your time when shaving. It’s important to be careful and patience is a great way to make sure you don’t cut yourself. Your skin will thank you for taking your time and doing the job right.

Remember the small things like shaving with the grain. If you need to get rid of smaller hairs try cross shaving instead of against the grain. Make multiple passes if needed to get the desired shave.

Tip #5: The Best For Your Boys

You want the best for your boys, right? Well don’t worry because your testicles are actually tougher than you think. The skin there is more resilient than people give it credit for.

During the ball shaving process don’t be worried about skin irritation so much. It’s not very often your balls will be irritated from being shaved. Also if you want to make everything easier to shave down there use a hand soap and not shaving cream.

Yes, you read that correctly. A thin layer of hand soap works so much better than shaving cream in this area.

Check out these transformations.

tips on manscaping

The Do’s and Don’ts

And while we’ve reached an era when men care more about how they look especially in the bedroom or at the beach, (and of course we applaud your efforts) we still need to things right. From getting the right tools to waxing right, there are lots you will need to do and of course, those to avoid.

Do Get the Right Tools
That is common knowledge. You wouldn’t want to use a hedge trimmer on your grass, would you? You will need to consider trimming first before shaving if you are hairy. Be sure you purchase the right products like grabbing an electric trimmer with perhaps a dual-sided design if you are looking for a product that can work all ways; both shaving and trimming.

Do Trim Chest Hair
No one would want to see hair creeping off your collar shirt or while at the beach. Don’t forget to thin things down to a uniform density. However, how low you will go all depends on personal preference but try and keep things looking better.

Do Mow Down that Bush
Okay so we understand its your manhood, but you want to maintain it better. More especially, she might not like seeing all that grass around the bigger tree so take it from us, try and keep things looking natural.

Don’t Use At Home Waxing
DIY may be fine with arts or any other activity but when it comes to Manscaping and removing all that body hair, don’t try and take matters into your hands. You might not like the end results.

Don’t Leave Defined Lines
That is not naturally attractive – having an artificial boundary to where the hair ends and where your smooth skin begins. Surely this will only happen if you opt to use any unapproved Manscaping method say clean-shaving with a razor. However, you wouldn’t have worry about this is you just had to stick to the trimmer.

Don’t Forget Your Backside
Unfortunately, not everyone was born with a hair-free back, and if you are not among this list, then you will definitely need to do something about this like having your back waxed at a scheduled time.

Guest Post Author: Mary Ann is fascinated with the wonders of guys manscaping. She wanted to throw in her tips from a ladies point of view and loves when her boyfriend is shaved below the belt.

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