Top 50 Beard Friendly States

There’s so much attention around beards and there place in the modern world. You hear all different things coming from different facets, but the one thing that we’re guaranteed to know is beards will always be around.

Where society places bearded men however is a completely different point of view. Bearded men have been seen as tough and rugged, sophisticated, and more recently coined into the definition of hipsters.

With the ongoing debate over beards we’ve decided to compile an awesome top list of the states which are most “beard friendly”.

Beard Friendly States: Infographic

beard friendly states

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Ah, yes what an amazing image! There’s just something so satisfying about this beard infographic. I can’t quite put my finger on it. Maybe I’m just blowing my own horn. Either way lets continue… The states are colored from white to different shades of orange. The darker the state the more beard friendly it is. White states are the least beard friendly, but all states do have some level of tolerance just so we’re clear.

What Makes a State “Beard Friendly”?

There are many factors which can decide the fate of a beard friendly state. The main factors are how the public view them, workplace enforces them, and how many men have them. Those are 3 major deciding factors for a states level of beard friendly.

There are of course those states on the fence. You see large amount of pull – such as a game of tug a war – between loving beards and loathing beards. This is when it becomes hard to decide the fate of a state.

In those special circumstances it’s important to see what level of activity you can find. Things such as beard competitions, thriving Facebook groups, and market value of beard products all help you know if that state is welcoming to a beard.

You would be surprised at the correlation between beard oil sales and how beard friendly a state is. There’s so much to learn from marketplace product sales. It just really makes sense, right?

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Allowing Beards on the Job

There’s been a bit of sway with allowing beards on the job. It use to heavily be disallowed. Big business use to see it as sloppy and unprofessional.

Thankfully it’s starting to change in the corporate world. A well maintained beard coordinated with your hair often makes you appear more knowledgeable and studies show a great beard can often help during a promotion.

A state with a large job market that accepts beards is a wonderful thing. There’s even spots in the food industry which are OK with beards, but wearing a beard net isn’t something a guy looks forward to.

Facial Hair In Schools

Most of your public school systems don’t allow beards. Which isn’t always a major problem unless you’re like my brother and able to grow one at the young age of 14. For most guys this doesn’t play a big factor until around age 17 or 18 when we really start growing hair.

However sometimes the school will let you get away with it. The key is to just make sure it’s very well maintained. You have to properly shape it, groom it, and just take care of it. Don’t let your facial hair grow wild.

Here’s what my brother had to say:

I first had a full beard at age 14. I thought it was cool and so did a lot of my friends. The school I went to however didn't think as much. After going through a "battle" to keep my facial hair I ended up winning. As long as I kept it nice and neat the school didn't care. The picture of me below is from graduation. I've kept the full beard ever since!

Full Beard Since Age 14

Social Acceptance

Beards being socially acceptable does vary state to state. Social acceptance is probably one of the major keys to the success of beards in that state.

If beards are socially praised and celebrated then it’s more likely small business owners are going to feel that way. Small business being the majority of business in the United States, that’s a big deal!

The more social acceptance the more beards you’re going to see absolutely everywhere!

Beard Events By State

Beard events are everywhere and you may just have one near you. We’re going to link you to a beard event in your state, but make sure to do some additional research and see what all is out there. Beards events are really fun to attend!

Beard Event or Group In Your State:

Each state is linked to a Facebook Group or Event in that state. However for some states there are going to be a lot more events and groups out there. Make sure to do some additional research and you’ll find a great fit for yourself.

Beard Competitions

If you have a local beard competition near you I highly encourage you to attend. The majority of these events are to raise money for a charity and they end up being a lot of fun.

If you’re going to compete always double check the events guidelines and see what category you’ll fall in for a competition. These events are always open and the rules subject to the group holding the event. It’s a great way to go out and meet other beardsman.

The International Scene

You can really take beard competitions to the extreme! There’s the equivalent to the “beard olympics” that takes place overseas. Americans have began to get more involved in the beard olympics and are really beginning to hold our own.

With this level of competition there’s a lot of reward for winning. There’s a level of fame that comes from having a beard that wins an international award. Some have even gone to a professional level and are making a full time living by having a heck of a beard.

Small But Local

The growing trend in beards is just going to continue to increase. If you don’t have a local beardsman group maybe think about starting your own. There’s a lot of benefits to networking with fellow beardsman and leading your local group.

Don’t hesitate to start your own Facebook group and watch it grow. Be a leader and hold your own competitions. You don’t have to start out with super large events to turn it into something great.

All things start out small so don’t be worried about that. You’ll be surprised how quickly like minded beardsman will want to join up with you.

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State Beard Products

There’s quiet a selection of beard products made right here in the USA. Finally something we can buy made right here at home, but yes of course there’s beard oils etc.. made in China as well. Not saying they’re only made in the USA, but with a little research I’m proud to see how many are.

There are even more beard product stores online that operate in the United States. Here’s a couple of our favorites:

The 5 above companies are all super great and wonderful! We’ve tested some of their products from various ones and haven’t been let down yet. Definitely give them a look and don’t be shy to let us know your opinion of them. Leave us a comment at the bottom of this post.

If you’re looking for the widest range of selection then of course our favorite online store Amazon is going to be the choice.

What Does a Beard Mean in Your State?

Now this is a very interesting topic! We’ve determined which states are “beard friendly”, but on a more personal level in your local town what does the beard represent? I would love to hear from you in the comment section!

There’s a lot of different social stereotypes about a man with a beard. Here’s some that come to mind which may possibly be prevelant in your state now.

Friendly Bearded Man

Rough & Tough

Some see a beard and immediately think of a “tough guy”‘. It’s usually the longer beards that attract this sort of attention. Especially if you happen to have a tattoo to go along with it.

The first image that really pops in my head is a biker. I’m sure that’s probably a lot of the first impression images you get reading this right now as well.

I suppose this stems from somewhere, right? All stereotypes begin from something. The long beard hair style is more common with this group than others, but it doesn’t mean they’re mean or bad people!


A common term among millennials and the younger crowd. A hipster is defined as someone doing something because it’s trendy and really no other reason. Beards becoming more popular it’s attracted the hipster to the scene.

Is this common in your area? Do you see people that never had a beard before only growing one now because it’s in style? There’s nothing wrong with growing a beard for the style alone.

Any reason to grow a beard is a good reason! We love all beards! 

Intelligent or Wise

Beards are often portrayed in a way to make the guy seem wise or more intelligent. This has taken root in some of the corporate world and guys with beards look wise to others. At least they seem to know what they’re doing whether it’s true or not.

I picture the sort of beard this would categorize with as a trimmed full beard. Something modest and trendy.

None of the Above

There’s so many other options out there. Make sure to let us know what you think a beard represents in your local area. We’re vert interested in hearing what you have to say on the topic!

There's a lot of variation in what people think of a beard. When you step back and look at it from a national viewpoint, you really begin to take in the whole picture. It's easy to see beards are more socially acceptable than ever before and I think we'll continue to see beards grow in a favorable way. I hope you really enjoyed this post and please leave us some valuable comments below. We look forward to reading them!

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