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This is a sponsored post by Trendhim. In our article detailing how to lather shaving cream to perfection I mentioned that a good way to get the best results from such a cream was with a shaving brush.

We briefly mentioned badger hair brushes and why they are a good tool for getting the job done, but today I have teamed up with Trendhim to talk you through, in greater detail, how to go about picking a shaving brush and how you know which kind of brush is right for you.

Selecting the Right Brush Hair

Your experience with a shaving brush is greatly influenced by which kind of hairs you choose to purchase.

Badger Hair

I mentioned this in my lathering shaving cream article because this is the most popular and most commonly found type of shaving brush. Within this category, there is a number of different badger hair types that you can opt for.

Option A) Pure - Anywhere Hairs

The hairs used in these kinds of brushes come from anywhere on the badger’s body, they are usually the cheapest kind. The price matches the quality on these brushes, and the hairs tend to be a little stiffer than what you would get with a pricier model.

This stiffness is great if you are looking for a brush that can exfoliate your skin while you use it, but if you have sensitive skin then you might want to skip pure badger hair brushes.

Option B) Common - Stomach Hairs

These brushes are typically titled with "best" but don't let that confuse you. They're actually not the top tier brushes but they're not a bad option. The hair from these brushes mostly come from the stomach and are a bit softer than your pure hair brushes.

Option C) Super - Ultra Soft

Super hair brushes are softer than best brushes and they cause minimal scratching to the face.

Option D) SIlvertip - Neck Hairs

Silvertip hair brushes are the best badger hair brushes that you can get. The hairs come from the badger’s neck which is the softest area and the result is a brush that massages your face.

Boar Hair

Boar hair brushes are the best option if you shave with a shaving soap. This is because the hairs are very coarse so they work well to lather up the tough soap and they make a little product go a long way. However, because the hairs are so coarse, be wary of using boar hair brushes if you suffer from sensitive skin, acne, or are prone to irritation.

Boar brushes do vary in terms of price, but they are generally the cheapest variety of shaving brush. This price is largely due to the fact that these kinds of brushes take a long time to break in, meaning they are super coarse for 1-3 weeks.

Horse Hair

These are the most uncommon shaving brushes so if you want one, you will have to do a little searching to get your hands on one. Brushes made of horse hair are in-between badger and boar hair when it comes to softness so they are great if you are looking for something in the middle of coarse and soft.

If ethical sourcing concerns you, then horse hairs are the best animal variety to go for. This is because, unlike many badger and boar brushes, the hairs are gathered simply through brushing the horse.


These brushes used to be, to put it politely, complete rubbish. However, they have definitely improved and they now feel similar to badger hairs. Synthetic hairs are a great option for you if you are vegan, or if you are allergic to animal hair.

Another good thing about them is that they soak up less product than real hair brushes so you end up using much less product when lathering. In addition, because they don’t soak up product they also dry much quicker which makes them a good option if you’re travelling.

Should You Get Long Haired Brushes?

This all depends on how soft you want your brush to be. The softest brush will be made of longer hairs whilst short hairs will result in a coarse brush that almost exfoliates your face. As I’ve said before, if you’re prone to irritation, a long haired brush might work better for you.

Choosing a Brush Handle

Just like many other grooming products, shaving brushes can become an extension of your personal style. Handles are typically made of either metal, wood and polished resin and they often come in a range of colours and shades.

A good way to decide on your handle is to try some out. If you have friends that have a shaving brush, ask if you can hold theirs so you can get a sense of how different shapes and materials feel in your hand and what you have the best grip on.

Read These Tips

If you go for a natural hair brush, then you might want to give it a wash with some shampoo before you use it. There are two reasons for this.

The first is that the brushes, especially horse, can often have an animal scent lingering on them which only gets worse when they are exposed to water. By giving your brush a couple of shampoos, you will find this smell is greatly reduced.

The second reason is to quicken the shedding process. It is quite normal for new brushes to shed their hairs for the first dozen or so shaves and it shouldn’t alarm you. However, if this is bothering you and you want to put a stop to it, simply shampoo your brush or comb through the hairs.

So, what should you buy?

Well, this is completely up to you! I hope that this guide has given you some information and helped you along the way to deciding between shaving brushes.

It might be a good idea to start with an affordable model like a boar hair brush to decide whether you even enjoy using a shaving brush or whether it is simply a waste of time for you. Starting with a boar brush also allows you to decide whether you like coarse hairs or whether you want something softer.

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