The Ultimate List of Hobbies for Men

If you're looking to discover a new hobby or pastime you've found the right post. We've compiled the ultimate list of hobbies for men and structured them in an easy to find way. Each hobby on our list comes with a brief description of what the hobby involves, if you need any particular items to get involved, and if there are any ongoing costs associated with the hobby.

Use the table of contents below to quickly access the categories you're most interested in. I encourage you to also give a quick look at other hobbies in categories you're not certain about because you may very well discover the next activity you fall in love with.

What Exactly is A Hobby?

Briefly before we begin our list of hobbies I wanted to talk about what a hobby is. Almost anything can become a hobby and these activities are unique to the individual. What's a hobby for one person may be a business or job for someone else.

Just as a quick example... someone may enjoy woodworking and they create furniture, wood puzzles, or pens and they do it in their spare time for fun. Sometimes it's just something they enjoy focusing on and it provides some level of escape from every day life.

To someone else woodworking may be their job. They might be excellent at the tasks but don't necessary enjoy doing it. A perfect match is when you can find a hobby you love that you're also able to make a little money from. This way your hobby supports itself financially.

It all boils down to what you enjoy doing in your free time.

Ultimate List of Indoor Hobbies

home brewing beer

Indoor Hobby: Home Brewing Beer

3D Printing

You can do a lot of different things with 3D Printing. There's tons of craft based items you can print or practical items such as tools or replacement parts.

When you really get into 3D Printing you can print out many parts to build entire items. There have been printed guns, cars, and at a huge scale even houses!

You'll need to buy the printer and material used to create your items. These have become cheaper over time. If you have the room you can even purchase room sized printers. So we'll leave the rest up to your imagination.


Acting takes many different forms. If you're picking it up as a hobby we recommend experimenting with different types. Try acting with puppets and do puppet shows for children or maybe join a local theater.

There are improv-acting clubs where you jump up and instantly performs skits. There are many ways to have fun with acting and you can find your own personal way to perform on either small or larger scale ways.

Acting won't cost you any real money. The only cost involved will be driving and normal daily costs as with anything.

Amateur Radio (Podcast)

What was once called Amateur Radio has evolved into podcasting. You can start a podcast on just about any topic that you're interested in and you'll eventually bring in other people to listen.

If you're interested in the topic and love it there are going to be other people out there that are also interested.

Since podcast can be purely audio it's easily accessible to everyone. If they have a smartphone or internet access they could be a potential listener to your future podcast.

You only need a laptop, internet connection, and microphone to get started. You don't even need a second person or guests to begin talking about the subject you're passionate about.


Do you like fish and fish tanks? Aquascaping is about decorating the inside of fish tanks to create different scenes and looks that compliment the area the tank resides in.

There are some very wild tanks out there. You can make nearly any scene you want from the wild west to recreating spongebob's neighborhood.

Depending on the tanks environment you may have to do some fish tank gardening to create a perfect ecosystem for creatures to thrive together in the same tank.

If you're decorating your own tank it'll cost you money of course to build it how you like. However, this is a create hobby to offer as a service and build other peoples tanks to a scene they want.


Baking is a great option that anyone can do. Once you get good at it and your baked goods taste good people are going to love you!

It's also a great way to give gifts to people or show someone you care by making something from scratch. If you have children you could bake their birthday cakes.

It'll cost you the goods of baking material and a little groceries but the good news is you can eat what you make.

On the other end of baking once you have something that taste great you can practice decorating. Then you can start selling your services.

Tabletop Games

There are two sides of the coin for tabletop games as a hobby. Some people enjoy collecting these tabletop games because once you get into the research there's a lot of tabletop games that go way beyond the few popular options.

You can find some very interesting games and it can be fun exploring what's new and experiencing these new games with friends.

The other side of that is playing tabletop games on a high level. Getting good at a game like Chess can open a lot of opportunities for tournaments and public play.

It's cheap to get involved. Once you own the game you have it pretty much forever as long as you take care of it.

Book Restoration

Are you a lover of books? if you want to start your own library and love books this may be a good option for you.

The process involves cleaning, mending, and filling damage pages. You'll learn to restitch and rebind books and restore the beauty in these aged sources.

This hobby isn't expensive and only requires minor materials. It's perfect for anyone with a growing library who enjoys taking care of aging antiques.

Candle Making

Candle making can be done right in your own kitchen with very little materials.

It'll take a melting pot, wax chips, and essential and fragrance oils to get started.

It's a fun way to experiment with new smells that can be manly and unique.

Candle making is also a great way to make gifts for others or start a small business.

Coffee Roasting

If you're a coffee enthusiast you may enjoy taking your love for coffee to another level.

Coffee roasting involves taking the green coffee beans and roasting them yourself. You can do this on your stove in the beginning but to get different flavors of richness you can begin experimenting with wood roasted beans etc...

It's a cheap hobby and in the end you get to enjoy your own product.


I'm not talking about coloring children's coloring books but there are different ways this can become a hobby.

There are adult coloring books, erotic coloring books, and much more. There are very intricate examples of coloring as a hobby.

The utensils and colors you'll use will use more advanced techniques with shading. 

Computer Programming

You probably think you need to be great at math or worried this would be a huge undertaking and you would be wrong.

Programming starts off small. With languages like Python you'll learn small bits and pieces that eventually add up into something big.

You can make nearly anything you see or use on a computer yourself!


Women love a man who can cook but you're going to need more skills than just BBQ on the grill.

Getting better at cooking is a great skill to have and can be a fun hobby. Trying new recipes and cooking new things can be exciting.


Cosplaying is a hobby in which participants called cosplayers wear costumes and fashion accessories to represent a specific character.

You'll make your own outfits which can be very elaborate. People have made Iron Man suits, robots, and all sorts of wild characters from their favorite shows and games.

Usually these outfits get worn to events to interact with other cosplayers.


Make a hobby out of clipping, sorting, and organizing the coupons you come across.

People have saved thousands of dollars by making this a hobby. Some people even get money back from the store because they coupon so well.

This has become so popular there are TV shows dedicated to the people who are good at couponing.


Electronics as a hobby is using a combination of circuits, transistors, diodes, etc.. to do a wide range of things.

This could be building a robotic arm that does a certain task or simpler projects.

This would be a good hobby for someone interested in electric work or engineering.

Fantasy Sports

Are you a sports fan? There are fantasy sports for any team based sport where you get to pick your own teams and see how they perform against other people.

You're able to compete locally with friends or on a more global scale.

It's free to get into and you can actually join leagues with cash money prizes.


If you like fish and aquariums this can be a great hobby. It involves more than keeping fish in a tank.

You can manage house ponds and create different ecosystems of fish.

Maintaining the right environment for the fish to live in and collecting beautiful fish is what it's all about.


Playing video games has been a popular pastime for a while now.

You can take this hobby to the next level by joining Twitch and live streaming your gameplay to people watching online.

It's a great way to make some online friends and even make a living playing video games.


Genealogy is the study of families and the tracing of their lineages and history.

Have you ever wondered if you could be the descendant of a king or maybe your family has a dark past with ties to the mafia?

It can be fun and exciting to discover these nuggets of family history from years and years ago.


Glassblowing is a glassforming technique that involves inflating molten glass into a bubble (or parison), with the aid of a blowpipe (or blow tube).

People make vases, marbles, glass piggy banks, and all sorts of things.

You're only limited by your imagination. It can be a more expensive hobby to get into but the basic items to start off aren't too bad.


A gunsmith is a person who repairs, modifies, designs, or builds guns.

You can work with local pawn shops and businesses to repair guns for them to turn this into a hobby that pays for itself.

Combine a love for guns with fixing things and your on track to becoming a gunsmith.


Homebrewing is the brewing of beer on a small scale for personal, non-commercial purposes.

There are many different types of flavors you're able to make right in your garage.

It'll take a small investment to get up and going but it's extremely fun. There's also beer competitions to participate in.


Leather crafting is the practice of making leather into craft objects or works of art, using shaping techniques, coloring techniques or both.

These art pieces can be wearable objects such as belts or gun holsters.

It's a unique art form that's an affordable option to pick up.

Knife Making

Knife making is the process of manufacturing a knife by any one or a combination of processes: stock removal, forging to shape, welded lamination or investment cast.

I've seen these type of knives made out of animal bones, solid steel including the handle, and all different ways.

Lego Building

Lego's aren't just for kids! You can build anything you can imagine with lego's.

People have even built functioning moving structures using Lego's.

If you don't already have a collection these small blocks aren't cheap. It'll cost you more than you think to get a decent amount of blocks.


Magic is very cool. Begin picking up and practicing tricks. You'll master these illusions quicker than you probably think.

There are tons of street magic, card magic, and prop magic you can go after.

Pick one trick and practice until you've mastered and slowly begin to add trick after trick to your toolbox.

Model Building

There are many different types of model building structures you can go after.

There are cars, airplanes, cities, and just about anything else you could think of.

This hobby involved putting together small pieces, painting, and sometimes putting together mechanical parts.


In today's world everyone has a camera with them most of the time. If you have a cellphone you can begin doing photography.

You don't need to pick up an expensive camera to get started. The key is just doing and actually start taking pictures.

If you like hiking or traveling this is a great hobby to combine with those other interests.

Music Instrument

Have you ever wanted to pick up and learn an instrument? Why haven't you done it yet?

There's nothing stopping you! You don't need the top name brand instrument to get going. Most people start off with the cheapest instrument they can find.

Practice several times per week to learn a song you enjoy. This will help you stick with it if you enjoy the songs.


Pottery is using the ceramic material to make up pottery objects.

It's the process of molding the ceramic into different shapes and creating different things like vases, plates, or flower pots.

It's a hands on hobby where you mold clay and it can be quite relaxing.


Sculpting is creating 3D figures out of a larger block of material.

You can chip away at ice, wood, stone, or any other large mass of material to form it into an image.

You don't need to start big and can begin with chipping away at smaller blocks of wood.

Stand Up Comedy

Think you have a funny bone? A natural way of getting people to laugh?

Stand up comedy may be a good choice for you. In the beginning you only need a hand full of jokes to get started because most places won't give you much time to begin with.

You may even have to start off at bars but if you love it it's worth sticking with it.

Table Tennis

Table tennis also known as ping pong is a popular sport that uses hand paddles and a small ball with tennis like rules between two opponents.

You can get a half table against a wall and play solo.

Depending on where you live you may have locals also interested enough in the sport to have small tournaments.

It's gonna be location dependent to determine how well it'll work in your town.

Wood Carving

Wood carving is a form of woodworking by means of a cutting tool (knife) in one hand or a chisel by two hands or with one hand on a chisel and one hand on a mallet, resulting in a wooden figure or figurine, or in the sculptural ornamentation of a wooden object.

It's not just an old man hobby! If you enjoy working with your hands it's a great option to pick up.

You can take your project with you and work on it almost anywhere if it's hand held size.


Yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines which originated in ancient India.

It's involved stretching and holding your body in different positions. It's great for building your core and relaxation.

It's a great form exercise.


Learning a new language can be a hobby. You don't have to study the language all day every single day to learn it.

There are now free apps for your phone that cant each you a language.

The key is just practicing a couple minutes most days. If you stick with it long enough you'll become fluent in a new language!

Ultimate List of Outdoor Hobbies

outside hobby

Air Soft Shooting

Air soft uses special gun and rifles that shoot small plastic pellets. People use these for games like capture the flag in a combat based scenario.

You have teams and get to shoot your friends with these pellets.

It's extremely gun and once you have the equipment there's very little ongoing cost which would be buying more pellets as needed.


Archery grew in popularity with the movie "the hunger games" but that has had a lingering effect.

There are a lot more people doing archery as a hobby then there ever were before.

You don't have to be a hunter to get into and enjoy this activity. Pick up a bow, some arrows, and a target and you have everything you need to get started.

American Sports

We're not going to list every american sport in individual blocks. However, you may consider starting football, basketball, baseball, or soccer as a hobby.

There are plenty of adult teams you can become apart of or just start joining pick up games on your local YMCA.

It's a great way to make some friends, stay in shape, and have something fun to do.


Beekeeping is about creating and maintaining a box that gives bees an environment they want to live in.

They now have bee boxes that are equipped with easy to pour access to the honey and makes collecting it very easy.

It's also a great hobby to pair with planting flowers.


Blacksmithing is a metalsmith who creates objects from wrought iron or steel by forging the metal, using tools to hammer, bend, and cut (cf. whitesmith). Blacksmiths produce objects such as gates, grilles, railings, light fixtures, furniture, sculpture, tools, agricultural implements, decorative and religious items, cooking utensils and weapons.


You're never too late to start lifting weights. There are different forms of body building and you don't have to go for the muscle man competitions.

Even if you're going for a lean body with some muscle you are body building in one form or another.

Body building is a great way to relieve stress, get in shape, and get stronger. You only get a gym membership to get going.

Martial Arts

Starting any martial art or MMA is great for learning self defense, fighting, and general exercise.

The more solid forms being JiuJitsu, Boxing, and MMA schools.

Any martial art is great exercise if that's your goal. The great thing about it is it doesn't feel like a boring workout. It's fun and you're breaking a sweat while loving it.


Camping lets you get outside and enjoy the outdoors on an extended basis.

It's the best way to lay out at night and cook under the stars. Bring a combination of outdoor stuff like fishing poles or bikes to combine camping with your other favorite outdoor activities.

All you need to add this to your hobbies is a tent.


You don't need to be a professional or use expensive rods to catch a fish.

Grab any pole with some bait and you can begin fishing off a local dock.

This can be a very relaxing hobby. Throw back some cold ones and see what bites at your bait.


Gardening can be planting flowers or growing foods to eat.

Starting a small garden in your backyard can yield you tomatoes, watermelon, okra, or anything you want to grow.

You can use this hobby to lower your grocery bill!


Geocaching is like a hide and seek game on a global scale using items.

People hide unique items and a roll of paper. Sometimes these are silly items and other times they tell a story.

You use a GPS to help locate the area and find the item with hints. When found you can sign your name to the paper and put the item back for other people to find.


Put your boots on and go climb a trail or get out in the woods and make your own.

Hiking is a way of exploring the outdoors and walking by foot to beautiful outdoor scenery.

You can find trails near you online that are popular for different reasons and that's a great place to start to get into the hobby.


Grab a gun or bow and hunt some game. Hunting is a popular hobby for a lot of men that can also be a way to put some food on the table.

You can hunt different animals year round depending on where you live. There will be different hunting seasons that allow you to hunt different animals during those seasons.

It helps control animal population and the animals can be turned into resources or house decoration.


Kayaking, water rafting, and canoeing are hobbies that involve getting into small water crafts and powering them manually with paddles.

You can do this to just travel on water or take it more extreme and test out rougher waters.

It can be as exciting or as laid back as you choose.


LARPing or what's known as Live Action Role Playing is where everyone dresses to a similar theme and act out the time period.

It's very common to do the dark ages where there are knights, kings, and peasants.

It's a great form of escapism and can be extremely fun acting out what life would of been like years ago.

Metal Detecting

Metal detecting is where you walk around with a metal detector and look for valuable objects.

People have found large nuggets of gold, rings at the beach, and valuable gems in their backyard.

You can use them in nearly any public place where a lot of people visit and find lost valuables.

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking takes normal cycling to a rugged level.

Mountain bikes travel across rougher terrain. Often out in wooded trails with hills and sticks in your path.


Paintball is similar to air soft except your guns shoot small balls of paint that splatter when hit.

You can play different gun games like capture the flag or team deathmatch.

If you get hit with a paintball it's hard to deny you've been hit with a circle of color on your jacket.


Parkour is the activity of running through cities, suburbs, or areas where you can climb jump and leap from one spot to another.

It involved climbing on walls and jumping from one location to another.

It's sometimes referred to as street acrobatics.

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is where you put on a tank of oxygen and other gear to dive into a large body of water and reach lower depths.

It takes a while before you can scuba dive alone and will most often be done in groups with a couple professionals.

If you enjoy the water life this can be a great hobby to pick up.


Shooting is when you take any gun and use it for target shooting. There are different distances, targets, and tasks you can do when shooting.

There are competitions for long distance, obstacle courses, and speed shooting and many more.

If you have a gun and just want to become a better shot it requires practice and it's the best way to get started.


Skateboarding isn't just for the young kids anymore. There are plenty of adults getting into it.

It can be used for simple travel at shorter distances or done to learn tricks and perform.

It's better suited for people who live in a city or close to a skate park.


Skydiving and jumping out of planes at very high altitudes isn't just for adrenaline junkies.

There are plenty of people who enjoy the feeling of escape it offers and go skydiving a few times a year.

A hobby doesn't have to be done every day and if you're looking for something to do time to time that's a ton of fun you should give this a shot.


Gliding on top of water and riding waves into the beach sounds like tons of fun.

It's a skill you'll have to learn like anything else but if you love the beach life this can be a great hobby to pick up.

You may want to begin with a surfing instructor before attempting to learn solo.


For this hobby it helps if you have a pool of your own and even more so if it's a heated pool.

Swimming frequently is great for your body. There's different forms of swimming you can choose to do as well.

Including competitive swimming, leisure, water games, and even performance based.

Don't forget you can add diving into the mix.


Do you like going and seeing new places? You don't have to be retired to travel.

You can take your 3 day weekends and spend one night at the beach. Take a short road trip to the next state that has the worlds largest ball of yarn.

Find the pockets of time that allow you to travel and go places you want to go.

Urban Exploration

Urban exploration is going through man made building and structures and exploring them.

This may be abandoned buildings or restricted access to skyscraper rooftops.

It's an adventure seekers form of a hobby and exploring what people have made in every nook and cranny of your city.

Vehicle Restoration

If you're the mechanical type you may enjoy taking older cars and restoring them to there former beauty.

You can find these older cars at affordable prices but the process of restoration is an expensive one.

It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to restore a vehicle.

Water Sports

If you enjoy being out on the water why not pick up a water sport like water ski or boarding?

Have you ever seen someone bare foot ski? It looks like a lot of fun!

There's just something refreshing about spending more time in the water.


Boating can be an expensive hobby.

There are different forms but usually it's boat racing that takes up most the attention in boating.

These speed boats glide across the top of water at extreme speeds. If you love the water and adrenaline here's your future hobby.

Ultimate List of Competitive Hobbies

competitive hobbies


Bowling is a fun indoor activity that can be done just for some fun or competitively.

It takes a lot of practice to actually compete on a high level.

The great thing about bowling is it's easy to get into but hard to master. 


Do you want to be a better fighter or be more confident in defending yourself?

Boxing is both great for sport, self defense, and exercise.

Its an adrenaline rush to get in the ring and compete against someone else at your same skill level.


Darts aren't just something you play at the local bar.

There are dart competitions and these guys are really good at the game.

This one's easier to get into. Buy yourself a dart board for your house and practice as much as you want.


Do you consider yourself a word smith? Are you able to get your point across in a persuasive and factual way?

Getting into debate and using your words and wit can be fun. It's also often comical.

This is an easy option if you're still in High School with a debate club.


Fencing requires dexterity, stamina, and speed. It's a sword art that's very competitive and fun to watch.

Your goal is to stick your opponent with your sword while avoiding the tip of their sword.

Martial Arts

All martial arts are quite competitive because it's the nature of the beast.

It's person vs person and you're learning self defense and real life experiences to defend yourself.

In the competitive scene there are point systems or full contact ring fights.


Some will argue that poker or texas hold em and other card games played for money are all luck based.

If you're playing Texas Hold'em there's actually a lot of skill involved. That's why you see a lot of the same people making it far along in big tournaments again and again.

It takes patience, being able to read people, and calculating risk just to name a few things to be a successful player.


Wrestling is putting strength and technique against one another to see which man comes out victorious.

It involved take downs and pinning your opponent to gain points and win in a tournament.

A lot of wrestlers do well in the octagon because of their ability to take down their opponent and bring the fight to where they're most comfortable... the ground.

Auto Racing

Enjoy working on cars and maybe have a few projects of your own?

Building your own race car no matter if it's american muscle or an imported ricer this can be a fun hobby to start.

It's fun to race other people and see who's faster but this hobby can get very expensive.


Racing other people by bike takes a ton of stamina because most of these competitions are very long distance.

If you've never Googled what a cyclists legs look like after a long distance you should. It's crazy!

When you start off you'll do shorter distances obviously and thankfully! If you like bikes this can be tons of fun.


Everyone knows what Golf is and there's a wide range of different types of players.

The great thing about Golf is being able to play as relaxed or as competitively as you want to.

There are Golf courses every where so you should be able to find one local to you that you can join and practice at.

Knife Throwing

There's something about being able to sling a knife or ax and have it stick into your target that feels great.

It's a throwing art used long ago as a combat tactic but is mainly used for sport or in movies today.

There are knife throwing competitions and it's a cool skill to learn to show your friends.

Demolition Derby

Demolition derby is where you take an old beat up car and fix it up to take damage.

Each derby has different rules but in general the goal is to be the last car standing.

You'll run cars into cars and when you're the last person with a moving vehicle you're the winner!

Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate frisbee is where you combine frisbee throwing with football.

Usually it's a flag football type of play and it's the same basic rules of football but you can throw the frisbee forward more than once.

It's a unique game that's picking up popularity and is widely adopted by the boy scouts.


Do you enjoy pushing yourself to the limits and seeing what you're capable of?

You may enjoy a triathlon. Its a combination of swimming, cycling, and running at long distances.

It takes a lot out of the competitors and it's a true show of will and determination.

Ultimate List of Misc. Manly Hobbies

other manly hobbies

Beard Growing

If you're able to grow a good beard you may be interested in trying new styles.

There are beard competitions where you can compete based on beard length, size, and a range of other categories.

Some of which involved putting your beard into shapes like spiders, crazy shapes, etc..

Arm Wrestling

Arm wrestling doesn't always come down to who's the strongest.

There's a lot of technique and mind games involved but there are big tournaments for this activity.

You may be surprised at the amount of men who arm wrestle as a hobby.


Fishing is manly, but noodling takes that to the extreme. While the name might not scream manliness, the hobby itself most certainly does.

Instead of using a fishing line, you simply reach your fingers into a hole in the bottom of a shallow body of water, wait for a fish to grab on and then pull it out – using nothing but your bare hands.

Wood Chopping

Some people dread the thought of chopping wood and some men have turned it into a hobby.

These lumberjacks compete in competitions where they see who's the quickest, strongest, and can compete as a top lumberjack.

Dog Training

Do you love dogs? Try teaching your dog some tricks to get going like sit, stay, and other basics.

The real fun begins when you begin teaching harder techniques. You can also train defense dogs to attack, guard, and protect their owner.


Collecting is a easy hobby to get into because you can collect just about anything.

The cool collections are typically ones that have a value based off rarity.

Your collection can be anything you want it to be.


This hobby is best described by a story. There's a medical doctor that does survival as a hobby.

Once a year he takes a month off work and ventures out in the world leaving his house with only one backpack.

He takes no money and only a backpack of water and food for the beginning of his travels.

He travels by train like a hobo and hitches rides with strangers. His goal is to survive a month and see how far out he can get before calling his wife and returning home.

Base Jumping

Base jumping is far more dangerous when compared to sky diving.

It involved jumping from high points directly off of something. This could be a building, bridge, or cliff.

Then pulling your chute before getting to low to the ground and landing safely.

There have been far more fatal accidents with base jumping than bungee jumping or sky diving.

Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping is when you jump off high points with a bungee cord attached around your ankles that prevents you from hitting the ground.

This is often done above water but not always.

You'll be snatched back up in the air after you descend and bounce a bit before settling and being able to get down.

It's a hobby for adrenaline chasers!

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