Viking Chieftain Safety Razor Review

Our Viking Chieftain safety razor review aims to provide you with complete details on this safety razor. Our goal is to make sure you're able to make an informed decision to buy or not buy this razor.

Unlike other reviews online we'll make sure to point out the flaws in the Viking Chieftain razor that seem to be reoccurring and a real issue. Continue on and learn all there is about this popular safety razor.​

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When Wet Shaving Enthusiasts Rejoice!

You can always tell when a safety razor is good when all the hardcore wet shavers are talking about it. Through all the research we've been doing on the Viking Chieftain safety razor, we always come across men who have a passion for wet shaving with something very positive to say about this razor.

There's a staggering amount of positive comments behind this safety razor.​ Including a lot from the newbie crowd that's just now diving into the art of wet shaving. All of the newcomers are enjoying how well it shaves and the money they're going to be saving compared to using a cartridge razor.

While the "old head" seem to enjoy the craftsmanship, handling, and quality of shave it gives.​ To be completely honest we don't come across many items with this level of good reviews. Typically we'll see at least some negative reviews that line up with an issue but so far it's not the case here. Although we'll make sure to find the worst thing about this shaver. Just so you know what you're getting and even if it's only a minor issue we'll still inform you.

Why Use a Safety Razor?

If you're looking at our Viking Chieftain safety razor review because you're wanting to get started with wet shaving then this is for you. The Viking Chieftain razor will make a great starter razor. It's well equipped for someone still learning so you don't have to worry about nicking yourself all the time.

There is a learning curve to wet shaving. You'll need to learn how to hold the razor, make a good lather, and study the art a little to become a master. However, it doesn't take long to get the hang of it and after a couple of attempts you'll really have it down.​

The big draw for a lot of people to wet shaving is the amount of money you can save. People have now figured out they these cartridge razors aren't the best solution for shaving your beard. Companies like Gillette adding more blades to your razor is just a marketing ploy to sell more razors.​

You'll end up saving a ton of money and it's easy to see with a quick comparison. Look at how much razor blades costs compared to cartridge blades.​ You can pick up a 100 double edge blade pack for like $10 and that will last you a hell of a long time. Now compare that to the your favorite cartridge brand.

Other than saving a good amount of money you're just going to get a better shave. You'll begin to realize this once you start wet shaving. Your skin is also going to feel much better and less irritated.​

Viking Chieftain Razor Review

The Viking Chieftain is made from high quality Swedish materials. Be careful of knockoffs that look similar and make sure you're getting the actual razor that's better quality. This safety razor is made for pure manliness with their patented Chieftain design.

It's a butterfly blade replacement design so you're able to quickly change the blade in roughly 5 seconds.​ Plus it's equipped with a micro-comb system to prevent you from cutting yourself.

It'll come in the case you see featured above. Soft materials to hold your safety razor and a mirror for shaving in any room. You'll also get a lifetime warranty​ so your sacred blade will always be protected.

Quality of Shave

I would place the Viking Chieftain razor at around a mild level of aggression with the blades it comes with. If you're looking for a safety razor that's very aggressive I would recommend trying Feather Blades in this razor or if that doesn't do the trick give the Feather Razor a try.

For most people this will be a good aggression by default. If you're new to shaving you may want to give Astra razor blades a try after your free ones run out.​ They'll give you a great shave with the Viking Chieftain.


The Viking Chieftain has a great design. It's a short handled design that feels very balanced and easy to hold. The handle has a long cut vertical style with smaller horizontal cuts and the top and bottom and spaced out in the middle.

It's a beautiful piece of work. On top of the razor you'll have a Viking Chieftain engraving. The entire safety razor is chrome plated and you can just feel the quality when you're holding it.

Overall Value

You're getting a really good price to quality ratio. Our Viking Chieftain razor review has shed a lot of knowledge about the safety razor and we're even shocked out how overwhelmingly positive everything is. It's priced really well to be high quality and it's backed with a lifetime warranty. That's a hard deal to beat.

Viking Chieftains Biggest Issue

While the Viking Chieftain safety razor is in a good spot for beginners and experienced shaver it doesn't reach the higher levels of aggression some look for. Typically for the experienced wet shaver and those with very thick curly beard hair.

This isn't a flaw within the razor but more of a design factor. It's difficult to cater to the entire spectrum of wet shavers but we feel this razor does cater to most.​

If you're looking for that super aggressive shave you just won't find it here. However, we've got an alternative option listed below which you could benefit from. So make sure to look down there if you need that very high aggressive shave.​

Alternatives to Vikings Chieftain

There's a couple of safety razors we would recommend as possible alternatives. Typically because if someone needs a longer handle because they've got large hands or someone with really thick hairs that may need a more aggressive option.

These razors aren't better options but just razors that solve a different niche issue.

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Longer Handle

If you need a longer handle you may want to consider the Merkur 23C as a second choice. Merkur makes a good safety razor and it's a popular brand in the wet shaving community.

If you find short handled safety razors harder to hold onto, rotate, and control while shaving then I would return the short handle if possible and give the Merkur a shot.​

Longer handles are also a great option for women looking to use a safety razor. The long handle is a great way to make shaving the legs easier.​

Super High Aggression

If you've got thick beard hairs or struggle shaving with mild aggression we would recommend using the Feather AS-D2. It's an expensive alternative but if you're an experienced wet shaver and just absolutely need aggression then give it a go.

If this ones to expensive for your blood you may want to consider an open comb option. The open comb safety razor as gaps between the teeth on the head of the shaver. It catches much more hair with each pass and exposes a lot more of the blade.

Because of this make sure you're experienced. If not you may end up nicking yourself to often and it'll just be a pain in the butt.

Starter Kit

If you're brand new you may also want to choose a starter kit. You can find some affordable kits that'll give you the brush, soap, lather, safety razor, and stand. It's a good way to get introduced to wet shaving but the safety razor in a lot of these kits aren't the best.

Be careful to choose a decent kit. The Mid Century Kit is decent and should be fine to start out with. You could also piece together your own items and buy them that way. You would get higher quality items this way but it'll cost more. Choose the one that fits your budget better.

Before You Go!

I hope our Viking Chieftain safety razor review shed some light on this razor for you. We believe it's a great safety razor and you'll get great shaves out of it. If you own the Viking Chieftain please leave us a comment below and let us know what you think of it. Thanks for reading!

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