Wahl 9818 Review: Is this trimmer any good?

The goal of our Wahl 9818 review is to leave you with absolutely no remaining questions and you will know if this is a trimmer you want to buy or not by the end of it. I've always had a problem finding a trimmer that was not only affordable but still made in good quality.

That's what lead me to look deeper into the Wahl 9818. I've always heard a bit about this trimmer, but in my field you always here different things about any trimmer so I decided to do some in depth research.

​Benefit from my research and see if this is going to be a trimmer you want or maybe something to pass on.

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Consider the Price to Quality When on Budget

There's a few things to keep in mind when looking for a trimmer that falls into a budget category. You want to get a trimmer that's good quality, delivers a good shave, and at a great price. It's honestly a lot easier said than done.

That's the very reason I like the Wahl 9818. It checks off positive on what we look for in a budget trimmer. You won't have to worry about it being made so cheap that it won't last long which is a major issue in other budget trimmers.​

That particular trait makes it great for someone that does not want to spend much money on a trimmer. Another bonus of the Wahl 9818 are the attachments. You'll get multiple grooming options from one trimmer. This includes a ear, nose,​ and detail trimmer.

1. Pricing - You want to aim for a trimmer in the mid-range pricing. This typically falls somewhere around $50 for the majority. By searching around this price range you should be able to get a decent trimmer while keeping it affordable. You could easily spend $300 on high end trimmers.

2. Verified Owners - Aim to look at reviews such as this one, but also look for verified owners of the product and what they have to say. These people have nothing to gain by giving a biased review. We've posted the most recent reviews from Amazon in this post below.​

3. Quality - This is where we draw the line. If the product isn't of good quality why would you purchase it? We want a good price to quality ratio. Something that falls alongside what we think is great quality for $50 or so. Ideally a trimmer we feel that goes above and beyond. It's also easy to keep clean.

Presenting the Wahl 9818 Trimmer

This Wahl trimmer is a thin and lightweight trimmer with multiple attachments to help tackle most of your grooming needs. While it is thin and lightweight it doesn't feel cheap to hold and feels quite the opposite. You'll find this trimmer to be of good quality and great performance.

You get​ 3 main head attachments that are used for detailing, nose hair grooming, and ear hair trimming. The Wahl 9818 also comes with 12 hair guards for beard or hair grooming. To complete the package you have a standard wall charger, small comb, and carrying case.

The ideal customer for this product is someone who wants multiple grooming devices in one single trimmer. Someone who needs a quality product at a great price. Wanting a quality trimmer at a great price is pretty much all of us, but do keep in mind that the multi-functioning trimmers with interchangeable heads often are a "jack of all trades, king of none".​

Some of the downsides to this trimmer result from something that also makes it great. Verified owners seems to complain about all the attachments in what I best describe as a love-hate relationship.​ The second complaint we see is that it pulls on the larger beards. No complaints from smaller beards though so keep that in mind.

The Pros:

  • Attachment for Everything
  • Good Price to Quality
  • Feels luxurious in your hands

The Con's:

  • Lots of attachments
  • Jack of All Trades
  • Pulls on longer/larger beards

T-Blade Head

 A T-Blade head is great for precision grooming and getting fine lines. A lot of black guys really like the T-Blade head for getting the perfect hairline on all sides. It's also great for detailed work on the beard, hair designs, and a go to choice for competition barbers.

You can expect the T-Blade on the Wahl 9818 to give you a very close to the skin shave​ and perfect lines. We didn't find any negative remarks from our research regarding this T-Blade.

Detail Shaver

The detail shaver comes as an attachment and is similar to the pop-up trimmers you see on some other electric shavers. The detail shaver shines when it comes to beard grooming. It's great for creating smooth beard lines that are very precise.

You can also use detail shavers​ to get into tighter spots. For example if you've got a goatee and want to shave the area under your bottom lip. Places like that is where detail shavers do best.

Detail Trimmer

Detail trimmers are very similar to detail shavers, but they're even more petite. These trimmers are very tiny and great for creating detail on a goatee or beard. It works well for creating a "W" shaped goatee and for trimming around a mustache.

These trimmers are very "special needs" as in they only have limited purpose. There's not many facial hair styles that require a detail trimmer, but you always have this attachment in case you do.​

Ear, Nose, and Brow Trimmer

By having the ear, nose, and brow trimmer you're saving around $20. While some attachments are a convenience item and do an alright job, this attachment is actually a great replacement for buying a dedicated nose hair trimmer.

It does just as good or better than a lot of the other nose hair trimmers we've seen. That's a particularly ​great thing about an attachment.

Owners Review on The Wahl 9818

I've searched all over for reviews to get the best wide spread opinions on this trimmer. Overall it seems to be generally positive with only a few negative remarks. The main negative I see is you have to search to find the right length guard by digging through all the other attachments.

Which honestly to me just seems like some people looking to complain about something, but that just may be my thoughts.

Alternatives to the Wahl 9818

Wahl 9864 Trimmer

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The Wahl 9864 is the big brother of this 9818 which we've been reviewing. It's a little more expensive and comes with the same attachments you've seen here. The 9864 has a couple more options in style such as the stainless steel brushed finish that I like.

You'll get a modern looking stand that looks great in most bathrooms. The real upgrade in the 9864 is the battery life. The 9864 can last up to 4 straight hours without a problem and comes with a one minute quick charge feature.

You can read our complete detailed review of the 9864 if you're interested.​

Remington PG6025 Trimmer

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The Remington PG6025 has some similar characteristics that you'll enjoy. You'll still get the detail trimmer & guards, but it also has a foil shaver attachment and multi-length settings.

The main head is a standard hair trimmer and not a T-Blade like the Wahl 9818. This trimmer isn't going to be as good at detailed hair lines, but does an overall better job at normal hair cuts.

Depending on your needs on detail trimming or hair cutting this could make the difference for you. This trimmer is also very affordably priced.​

Philips QG3364 Multigroom 5100

No products found.

The Philips QG3364 is another budget level hair trimmer which you may be interested in. This trimmer does a excellent job cutting hair. You'll also get a total of 7 attachments performing similar functions to the Wahl 9818.

Unlike the Remington alternative the Philips still comes with a nose hair trimmer, detail shaver, and also a foil shaver.​

This shaver also has a lithium battery which will give you up to 60 minutes of cordless use. While it's no where near the 4 hour power of the Wahl 9864, most of us can get the job done in less than an hour.​

Wrapping it Up with Our Wahl 9818 Review

Hopefully our Wahl 9818 review was able to give you the information you needed to make an informed purchase. The Wahl 9818 solves a problem we all go through and that's finding a quality trimmer at a budget price.

You get all the attachments you need to tackle all the grooming tasks in your way. Overall we really like this trimmer and think it deserves to take up a little of your bathroom counter top space. If you appreciate the review and its unbiased findings please let us know by leaving a comment below.

If you want to get the Wahl 9818 trimmer click here to view it on Amazon. 

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