Wahl 9864 Review: Is it worth your money?

Let our Wahl 9864 review solve the questions you have about this item. Our review is unbiased and we're not going to hide any bad aspects that we find. Unlike a lot of reviews online that hype their reviews we rather you get a quality item and know all the pros and con's before you make a purchase.

If you're like me you want multiple grooming tools. The Wahl 9864 solves this problem with multiple exchangeable heads. You get a foil shaver, nose hair trimmer, ear hair trimmer, etc.. all in one single device. That's the biggest solution this item solves.

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Before Buying a Multi-Attachment Shaver

These multi-attachment shavers solve the problem of having to own multiple devices to get the shaving job done. With a product like the Wahl 9864 you won't need to own a separate nose hair trimmer for example. Instead these sort of attachments all come and work with one single device.

The Wahl 9864 is ideal for someone who might be on a budget and doesn't have a lot of time. It's great if you don't have time to manage multiple shaving devices and that would only add more complications to your daily routine.

On the flip-side of that, if you're someone who demands higher quality products you'll always find that in shavers that are dedicated to one task. Multi-attachment tools like the Wahl 9864 are a "jack of all trades". They may have decent performance in each category their attachments fall into, but they'll never be the best in one single category.

Keep these​ points of knowledge in mind when choosing a multi-attachment trimmer:

1. Check it All - With a multi-attachment trimmer you want to check how the device performs under each attachment. When we're looking over our Wahl 9864 review we determine how good it works for each type of shaving it performs. You should always do the same.

2. Quality - I'm talking about quality of the entire product & not how well it delivers a shave. You want to make sure you're buying a product that isn't going to break a couple months down the road. You should get at least 2 good years of usage on average and more out of higher quality products.​

3. Price - How does this item compare in pricing compared to similar shavers? Multi-attachment shavers tend to actually have a wider range in pricing than you might expect. Compare this item to other close priced trimmers and compare the reviews and level of quality. You want to get a good price to quality ratio.​

The Wahl 9864 Lithium Ion Stainless Steel Trimmer

This trimmer is a well crafted multi purpose shaver. You can tackle pretty much all aspects of hair shaving with this one single shaver. That's what makes it so attractive to so many. The ability to simple change the attachment and go from getting a haircut to shaving your face to trimming your nose and ears.

The entire shaving kit comes with a T-Shaving main head and the following attachments: foil shaver, ear & nose trimmer, detail trimmer, and 12 hair guards. You'll get a standard wall charger, comb, brush for maintaining the shaver, and a carrying case to complete the package.

The Wahl 9864​, as you can see, is a master jack of all trades shaver. You have every single type of attachment you will need for maintaining the hair on your head. The main thing this product lacks in is any body grooming shaver. If you also need a body groomer we've got a great review on those you might want to check out.

The Pros:

  • Multi-purpose options
  • Good Overall Quality
  • 4x Runtime Vs The Standard

The Con's:

  • Jack of All Trades
  • Can't Wet Shave
  • No Rotary Shave Option

Quality & Design

The Wahl 9864 has a new modern design that comes off very sleek and ergonomic. The new stand that comes with this shaver is a dome shaped stand that will look great in most bathrooms. The finish we like most is the slate finish stainless steel.

The stainless steel also provides a durable quality which you can both see and feel. Holding this shaver it feels heavier than it looks which adds to the over-all quality aspect of the device. The extra weight makes the shaving process feel flawless.​

More Stamina

I was surprised to discover during my Wahl 9864 review that they've made significant improvements to the battery of this shaver. I always hate to see a bad review on ANY shaver having a bad battery. Because no matter how great a shaver it may be, if it can't operate long, it ruins the whole shaver.

Fortunately  the Wahl 9864 has lithium ion 2.0 technology that's outlasting your standard rechargeable trimmers. You'll get a whopping 4 hours of run time between recharging. Plus you get a 1 minute quick charge if you forgot to charge last time.

Performance Blades

A lot of shavers have some kind of blade technology to compete with the market. The Wahl 9864 is no different. You get self-sharpening stainless steel blades & carbon steel blades that provide you with an awesome shave.

This is very standard among all shavers today and at this point you shouldn't buy a shaver without any type of self sharpening blades.​

Great Foil Shaver

There's of course many other attachments that comes with this trimmer. However, the foil shaver deserves a little segment of its own. Though may it be an attachment the system 3 foil shaver you'll get is of absolute great quality.

It's a full size foil shaver with dual floating heads and a long hair cutting bar which results in a super close shave. It's fair to mention you won't get the pivoting heads & blades you see in dedicated foil shavers. It's part of the "jack of all trades" we've been mentioning.

Even without some of the bells and whistles it makes for a good foil shaver and great attachment.

Video Review of the Wahl 9864

What Others Are Saying

I've scoured the internet for real customer reviews and have found mostly all positive responses. Like with any product there are of course negative & positive reviews, but the general point of view seems to be positive.

In order for us to give you the most honest Wahl 9864 review we possibly can just know there are negative reviews out there. From what we've seen in them there's a couple mentions of the guards pulling beard hairs. If your someone with a decent size beard and you're looking to use this in your beard trimming you might want to re-consider.

Alternatives to the Wahl 9864

Remington PG6025 All In One

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The Remington PG6025 is a great hair trimmer that still have some of the multi-attachments you're looking for from the Wahl 9864. You can expect better hair cutting capabilities from this trimmer because it's technically dedicated for this purpose.

However, you can also expect less action from the attachments that come with this shaver. You'll get a foil shaver, nose trimmer, and multi length guards with this product. While the Wahl 9864 has a really great foil shaver the Remington does not.

Depending on your needs this could be a better purchase. If you need a main hair cutting device with bonus attachments to use sparingly then this could be the shaver for you.​

Philips QG3364 Multigroom 5100

No products found.

The Philips QG3364 Multigroom 5100 is a really great hair trimmer with bonus attachments if you're on a budget. This is a very affordably priced trimmer that can still deliver a great cut.

You get a​ a few hair guards, foil shaver, nose trimmer, and detail trimmer attachment. These attachments aren't as high quality as you'll find on the Wahl 9864, but that's to be expected from this sort of budget trimmer.

This trimmer price to quality ratio is decent since it's at the lower end pricing.​

Panasonic ER-GB80-S Trimmer

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The Panasonic ER-GB80-S is very similarly priced to the Wahl 9864. While it doesn't come with the attachments you may be looking for this shaver excels in both body & beard trimming.

You get 3 length guards and several lengths to cut at your disposal. What I really like is the body grooming aspect of this device. I personally would rather forgo the attachments and get a more dedicated trimmer.​

If your someone who likes to do a little body grooming the Wahl 9864 might not be for you and you should instead invest in a trimmer like this one.​

  • Also check out the Wahl 9818 model of this trimmer.

What's Left to Say?

The main problem the Wahl 9864 solves is getting a lot of different types of grooming done in one single trimmer. You get a rather good price to quality ratio with this shaver and you get a good shave even through its attachments.

For anyone that doesn't want 3 or 4 grooming devices to handle their grooming needs then this is the trimmer you're going to want to get.​ With quality attachments you'll still get a decent shave for your beard, hair, nose, and wherever you may venture to shave.

I hope our Wahl 9864 review helped you make an informed decision and get a great shaving device that suits your personal needs. If you want this trimmer click here to view it and get more details right on Amazon.​

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