3 Steps For Waxing Your Own Pubic Hair

Are you looking for a quick and easy method for waxing your own pubic hair? Well I wish I could tell you it'll also be painless but there's some pain involved but it's tolerable. Get ready for some minor bathroom acrobatics.

The next time you step out of the bathroom you're going to be smooth and hairless. The benefits of a waxed pubic region far outweigh the little amount of discomfort that comes with waxing. Plus I've got some tips to make the experience more tolerable and less painful.

What You'll Need To Wax At Home

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How To Wax Your Own Pubic Hair

We're always shaving off our pubic hair in today's world. The problem with shaving your pubes is it requires some bathroom acrobatics and the longer we're able to avoid that the better. Waxing provides you with a way to have semi-permanent hair removal but who wants to ask someone to wax their pubic hair for them?

Instead, waxing your own pubic hair can be easier than you think. It may require some similar bathroom acrobatics to shaving but you'll benefit from a hairless pubic region for 4-6 weeks.

Here's my step by step guide for waxing your own pubic hair.

waxing your own pubic hair

Step 1) Gathering The Equipment

It helps to have all the items you're going to need ready before you begin. You don't want to find yourself having to go grab something while wax is hanging from your pubes. Instead, lets be a little organized and gather everything we're going to use before hand and here's what you want to have by your side.

Home Waxing Kit - I recommend going with a sugaring kit over hard wax. It's the exact same waxing technique and the results are the same but the medium used as the wax is a bit different. Sugaring is less painful since it only sticks to your hairs and doesn't stick to skin. So as we pull it off there's less topical pain involved. (see above table for a good home waxing kit)

Mirror With Handle - You're going to need a little hand mirror around. This will come in handy when you're doing those bathroom acrobatics we mentioned. It's quite helpful when making sure you've gotten to those harder to reach spots and double checking for no lingering wax.

Washcloth and Baby Oil - You need a washcloth or old cotton shirt to wipe off excess wax. I recommend grabbing at least two cotton clothes to have around. One for the excess wax and another to remove unwanted wax off your body. The baby oil is used to remove unwanted wax from your body. Baby oil will break through the wax better than using water.

Step 2) Creating Your Environment

Once you've got all your equipment together and ready it'll be time to get your body ready. If you have an electric shaver now is the time to use it. Shave your pubic hair to a low length. Electric shavers will give you a good length after a single pass.

When you wax you want there to be short hairs there for the wax to adhere to. Once you've trimmed your pubic hair go ahead and jump into the shower. Taking a hot shower will prepare your skin to be waxed and it softens the hairs at the follicles so they're easier to come out.

During your shower take the time to exfoliate. Exfoliating is one of the most important actions you can do to prepare yourself for shaving or waxing. Doing this removes excess dirt, oils, dead skin cells, and it pushes newly growing hairs through the surface of the skin. You should be exfoliating on a regular basis even when not waxing to keep healthy youthful skin.

Step 3) Time To Wax Your Pubic Hair

It's time for the big moment, it's time for waxing your own pubic hair. You'll be fine doing this in your bathroom with all your waxing equipment.

Always begin waxing starting right under your navel or belly button and work your way down. Apply your wax in thin strips around 1-2.5" inches in width. Then apply your cotton strips to remove the wax. When you rip the strip off always pull it quickly in the direction against the grain of hair growth.

Your three step process is: apply wax (2" inches wide), apply cotton strip on wax, pull off quickly going against the grain.

Rinse and repeat this process moving from one side to the other and then moving downward to the next set of hairs. Continue this process until your pubic hair is removed.

If you find the sensation to be tough to handle you can take breaks between pulls. You can also apply a talc powder on the skin to provide a layer between your skin and the wax. When you're finished waxing you may have small hairs left over and you should tweezer them out.

Redness and irritation is expected after waxing. This will fade away after several minutes and you'll be left with silky smooth skin.

Here's What You Should Avoid

In order to help you have a great experience waxing your own pubes here's some things you should avoid doing.

Scrotum - Do not use waxing to remove hairs from your balls sack. This is an extremely sensitive area to be ripping hairs from. Since the skin here is more elastic you can cause severe skin damage or more issues by waxing it.

Hair Length - You should trim your pubes with an electric shaver before hand. However, it's better to shave your pubic hair a little longer before waxing than having them too short.

Lingering Wax - Don't struggle with removing lingering wax when you're finished. Grab some cloth and baby oil and the wax will come right off. Use your mirror to check for any dingle berry wax hiding in difficult places.

No Caffeine - I know this sounds odd but drinking coffee or having a soda before waxing can actually make your skin more sensitive. Instead just drink water and stay hydrated for your waxing session.

Avoid Tanning - A day before you're going to wax don't do any sort of tanning. Tanning your skin will create sensitivity and make waxing more painful.

Avoid Swimming - Swimming in pools with chemicals or chlorine will cause your skin to be sensitive and make waxing more painful. Salt water will have the same effect. It's best to avoid swimming a day before waxing.

Working Out - Don't work out or engage in activities that are going to cause you to sweat after waxing. Your groin will be more vulnerable to bacteria and sweat may cause you irritation and discomfort after waxing. You can resume normal activities the day after.

Tight Clothes - Wearing skinny jeans or other tight clothing will cause discomfort after waxing. You want to avoid skin tight clothing in order to avoid chaffing.

Commonly Asked Questions

waxing your own hair

How long does waxing last? - You can expect to have semi-permanent hair removal for roughly 4-6 weeks. If you ended up waxing during your hair growth period you may see small hairs a week after but re-waxing will be less painful and fix the new hairs.

What's the best hair length? - The best hair length for waxing is 1/4 inch. Typically an electric shaver will be good enough to get close to this length. Your hair doesn't have to be perfect because you're pulling it out anyway. You just need something for the wax to cling onto.

When can I wax again? - You can wax again as soon as your hair reaches the recommended 1/4 inch. You just want to allow your hair to grow enough to where it's a comfortable waxing length.

Before You Go!

Now you know everything you need to for waxing your own pubic hair. It's going to be a little painful but tolerable. Just remember you can take breaks if needed and it isn't going to effect the outcome of your hairless pubic region.

Also, don't forget to pull the strips going against the grain! Just following the instructions and you'll come out the bathroom smooth and hairless. I bet your significant other is going to show you extra attention after this.

If you have any tips or suggestions you would like to share with someone reading this article please leave it in a comment below. Thanks for reading!

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