Weishi Safety Razor Review: Everything You Must Know

Weishi razor review: a product that is developed and manufactured in China with its products being distributed is Asia, the Middle East, United States and Europe. The company came into existence in 1984 and was reborn under different management in 2016. Their branding motto is “Weishi products are not just a shaving tool. It’s the art of shaving.” The sales pitch continues with the company stating that all Weishi products are made to last a lifetime. Their Weishi safety razor will be like your external friend. This is the way of Weishi.

My intent with this article is to review the Weishi to see if it lives up to the hype. For starters, the website is a bit of a mess and not extremely user friendly nor is it chock full of information about the product. It took a while to find it too. It’s not a page one Google listing. The general claim to fame for this razor is that it is very inexpensive and safe to use if you’re a first timer learning how to shave.

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What's My Wish List for a Safety Razor?

Picking a razor is never an easy job. The variety and features of the razors are off the charts. It seems that technology has invaded the world of manual razors as much as it has electric razors. So, let’s make a short list of the things I want to consider before I go out researching what the best razor for me might be.

Safety Razor Wish List

1. First off, I am not a magician with a safety razor and if there’s a way to nick and cut my skin, I’ll find it. So, feature number one I’m looking for is what I’ll call an idiot proof razor that’s designed to prevent me from the tendency for self-destruction.

2. Two, I am not a man that gets five o’clock shadow just after lunch. I can grow a full beard if I wanted to but the hair is not wiry and tough. Plus, the facial and neck hair grows in a uniform direction. So, the razor doesn’t have to be able to cut down small trees. As a matter of fact, something that’s gentle on the skin even if it takes more than one pass to get a real close shave is fine with me.

3. I am not independently wealthy either. The sticker shock on the cost of replacement blades or cartridges has hit me more than once. I feel like I’m buying a new brick for their factory wall with each purchase. No, I want a razor that’s fairly priced with replacement blades that are equally priced fairly.

4. Finally, I want a safety razor that looks good and is built solidly and balanced in my hand as I use it. The operating mechanism for blade replacement must be smooth and easy to work.

Yeah, I know. My wish list is a bit beyond expectations. But, I’m forever optimistic and this Weishi safety razor just might be the right fit.

Weishi Safety Razor

The Weishi 9306F Double Edge Safety Razor has many of the things on my wish list and comes in a number of optional models of the same razor with slight cost variations. You have the traditional Weishi double-edged chrome, long-handled model, the 9306B Matt Gold model, the 9603C Twist to Open (TTO) model, the 9306E Classic model, and the 9306I Vintage model. These are all double-edged blade safety razors that if used right will provides years of comfortable shaving.

Ok, that statement begs an answer. What is the right way to use a safety razor? They’ve been around since 1880 and while technology has improved the experience, the basic use of the safety razor hasn’t changed much. Let’s go over the basics:

The Basics of a Weishi Safety Razor

1. The safety razor takes some time to get used to. Take the first few weeks easy and be patient. Your technique will improve over time.

2. Preparation is always a must when shaving. Using a safety razor doesn’t change that in any way. Make sure the skin is warm and moist before shaving by taking a shower or using hot towels to warm the skin. Then, use a shaving brush to spread some shaving cream on your face and neck. The cream will act as a lubricant for the blade to slide more smoothly over the skin.

3. Let the razor do the work and don’t press harder. You’ll notice that a safety razor has a nice weight and lays close to skin all by itself. Pressing harder may well defeat the safety aspects of the blade guard that keeps the blade at a comfortable distance from the skin. Remember you’re cutting the hairs, not the skin.

4. Hold the skin taut as you shave to provide the smoothest surface possible for the blade. Use on hand to stretch the skin and the other to do the shaving.

5. The proper technique is critical. The blade edge should be angled at about the 30-degree to 45-degree angle with the surface being shaved. Perform a “do no harm” test if you’re new to the game. Hold the handle of the razor parallel with the floor and put the blade guard against your face so that neither cutting edge is engaged. Gradually lower the handle until you feel the blade edge is in position to cut hair. Drag it down lightly until you get the hang of it. Play with the angle until you’re comfortable. If you really can’t get the feel of it on the face or neck, practice on your arm or thigh until you do get the hang of it.

6. Rinse the blade after using both sides for a cutting pass. Pull the stopper on the sink and keep a small pool of water in the sink for that purpose.

Features & Benefits of a Weishi Safety Razor

The benefits of using a Weishi safety razor are particularly noticeable when you compare it to the use of a manual cartridge style razor.

The Benefits of Weishi

1. The overall cost of the safety razor system is much less expensive than it cartridge counterparts. To get started with a safety razor, you’ll spend less than $15.00. A cartridge style manual razor will set you back about $50.00. The cost of replacement blades is where you’ll save the big money. Cartridge heads are full of new technology and materials that allows the manufacturer to make the blades thinner and smaller so they can put three or four blades on each cartridge head. The safety razor is one double-sided blade that normally keeps its edge longer than the thinner, more fragile cartridge blades plus they are much cheaper.

2. Safety razors are much smaller and easier to maneuver around the odd contours of the face, chin and neck without the need for head of the razor to be able to rotate and adjust. Cartridge razors have gone techie in enabling the razor head to try and adjust on the fly when it encounters an odd contour. You aren’t in control. With a safety razor, you are.

3. After you’ve mastered the technique of using a safety razor, the outcome will be a much closer shave than you’d get with a multi-head cartridge razor.

4. The whole process of preparing and shaving with a safety razor can become a massage –like experience for your face and neck. The hot towel wrap combined with the rubbing on of the lather/lubricant and the stretching of the skin while shaving makes for an extremely pleasurable experience that you will learn to appreciate.

The features of the Weishi safety razors are perfect to achieve what Weishi calls “the art of shaving.” The art has been perfected by men for 136 years. The razors have improved along with the art. If you have a few minutes and would rather watch a video on kind of shave you can expect from a Weishi Safety Razor Reviewed, watch this video:

Weishi Safety Razor Features

1. The twist to open (TTO) razor or “butterfly open” mechanism where the doors to access the razor headpiece open wide to allow you to change the blade with ease. It also gives you a lot of room to clean the blade compartment. The headpiece doors are really the only moving parts of the razor and the twist open mechanism is smooth and works via threaded, machined bar that runs up the middle of the razor handle. The razor body is a one piece affair made from a copper alloy so there’s nothing to disassemble and put back together.

2. Ten double edged blades are provided in two separate packages from two different manufacturers. Compare that to what you get with a cartridge type manual razor in the starter package.

3. A nice wide cleaning brush is in the box as well which makes it easier to clean out the blade compartment. If you brush first followed by a quick rinse, you can keep the internals of blade compartment free of any possibility of blade misalignment.

4. The box also comes with a mirror mounted in the lid. His makes the razor ideal for traveling if you just need a quick touch-up before going to that all important meeting where good first impressions are the key to success.

5. From the weight and balance perspective, the Weishi 9603C surprises you with a hefty 2.25 ounces. Most of that weight is in the handle which puts the center of balance in your fingers rather than at the top of the razor in the blade compartment. Shifting the razor from one hand to the other is no problem in being able to get the right angle of the head to continue shaving without missing a beat.

6. The grip of the razor is comfortable with both vertical and horizontal groves that gives you something to hold the razor steady even while “walking your fingers” up and down the grip to adjust the angle of attack and finesse of the shave. The TTO knob on the bottom has vertical ribs to provide a non-slip operation when opening the butterfly head.

7. The length of handle is suitable for the average sized hand. The entire razor measures 3.5 inches from top to bottom. If you have large hands, you might accidentally loosen the butterfly top slightly by rotating the TTO knob because of the need to shift the fingers to get at the tough spots. Take care with that because the blade can become misaligned if the top isn’t closed tightly.

8. Safety razors are also measured by how aggressive they are in shaving the face and neck. That aggressiveness is determined by how much clearance is provided between the blade guard and the cutting edge of the blade. The Weishi safety razor provides a wider gap than most safety razors and as such is only mildly aggressive. So long as you use the proper technique and don’t apply pressure when shaving, you would be hard-pressed to cut yourself or do any skin damage. It might mean an extra pass over some of the denser sections of hair growth but it’s worth it from the safety point of view. This is especially good for the beginning shaver. It provides a margin for error.

9. Blade replacement is s simple action of opening the head and tilting the razor so the old blade just falls out. Do a quick rinse to get out any leftover hair or surface skin cells. Of course, handling the new blade must be done carefully by keeping the fingers clear of the sharp cutting edges while you insert it into the razor. Twist the top shut tight and you’re ready to go.

You get all this for under $15 dollars with some models of the Weishi razor coming in at $10 - $11 dollars. If we look back at our initial wish list of features and capabilities we are looking for, we can check off most of the things we wanted in a safety razor.

  • It has a built in safety margin beyond what the average safety razor provides to deal with my lack of technique and skills to have a steady hand.
  • My facial hair isn’t that heavy and dense, so a close, clean shave is possible with minimal repeat passes over my sensitive face and neck. As my technique improves, it will get even better.
  • The cost is well within my budget so I don’t have to sacrifice my burger and fries on Friday night to buy a set of replacement blades.
  • The razor is solidly built and should last for years to come. Thus, the long term cost is also reasonable as the cost of ownership is much less than that of a cartridge style manual razor.

Check, check and double check. We’re good to go.

User Reviews – The Scoop from the Street

The independent reviews from verified users support everything I had to say about the Weishi safety razor in the course of writing this article. It gets overwhelmingly positive comments both from the price as well as the quality of the shave. I scoured the web looking for the bad reviews and to be honest there aren’t many. From a statistical point of view, the bad reviews were insignificant compared to the positive ones.

Many buyers not only bought a Weishi, they bought more than one to take advantage of the long handled varieties as well as the standard 3.5 inch ones. That makes sense given that not every person using the Weishi has the same size hand and need a little more handle length to find that perfect fit and balance that allows them to develop their technique free from any complications the design of the razor might present. The new users that hadn’t yet mastered the art of shaving with a double-edge safety razor were very grateful for the forgiving nature of the razor design. The versatility of the Weishi line of products stood out from all of its competitors.

Reliability was a common factor as well. There is only one moving part on the 9306 series of Weishi safety razors with the integrated TTO knob at the bottom opening the butterfly guards on top of the blade compartment. There were some negative comments from users that received a mechanically defective razor but, they were few and far between.

What are the Alternatives to the Weishi Safety Razor?

There is a revival of sorts concerning the use of doubled-edged safety razors that is seeing men returning to their roots to get a good shave for a reasonable price. It may well be that technology has priced some of the new cartridge razors out of the reach of many men and electric razors just don’t give a good shave of the same quality as the venerable double-edged safety razors.

So, there is some competition that the Weishi faces in getting their market share of the male grooming business. Let’s talk about some of them briefly. It’s always a matter of opinion as to which ones are the best ones but, let’s highlight a few.

1. Seki Edge Feather Safety Razor – this is an all stainless steel double edged safety razor with superb craftsmanship that goes for about $140. The Feather blades are considered one of the sharpest on the market. If you’re looking for a family heirloom to hand down over the generations, it’s a possibility. This video describes the “Rolls Royce” of safety razors.

2. Muhle Sophist Safety Razor – this one is another high-end safety razor that runs in the $160 dollar range. If the Weishi strives to master the art of shaving, the Muhle masters the art of building a quality product.

3. Merkur 180 Long Handled Safety Razor – this one sells for about $30 although there are other Merkur models that price out in the $20 range making them a reasonable economic competitor for the Weishi. It has the looks of an expensive razor but once picked up, you’ll find it very light and comparable to a plastic razor.

4. Edwin Jagger DE89 – the price on the Jagger is just north of $30. This is an easy to use safety razor that provides a margin for error much the same as the Weishi but at about twice the cost.

5. Bluebeards Revenge Scimitar – at $40 per razor this one begins to exceed the economic zone of the Weishi. I list it because it gets excellent reviews for a great shave.

6. Parker 99R – priced out at about $32, it’s a bit more of an investment than the Weishi. Its construction is very similar to the Weishi with a TTO blade canopy. The Parker is heavier and longer than the standard Weishi as well.

The Final Word

In my humble opinion, the Weishi is clearly in a class by itself when it comes to cost and performance for the cost. It is clearly half the cost of any comparable safety razor in its cost category. Only the Parker 99R comes close and it’s still twice as expensive.

I wouldn’t mind taking a Weishi safety razor on vacation with me because of its versatility and the fact that if I happen to lose it or leave it on the sink when I check out of the hotel, I’m not going to regret having made the investment. It’s expendable even though it delivers good performance. That sounds unkind and insensitive but, it’s just an inanimate object. It doesn’t care. I look at it as risk management. I have a tendency to lose things. Thus buying a Weishi protects me against the risk of greater financial loss while giving me a great shave for the time it’s with me.

We hope you enjoyed our Weishi Razor Review.​

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