What Does Aftershave Do? Discovery & Facts

It’s probably better to say what aftershave is not, before answering what does aftershave do, so we can begin this discussion on the right foot. It is not a product for applying fragrance so you smell good when done shaving. It has a higher purpose. The use of substances such as essential oils in aftershave is for its claim as a homeopathic medicinal substance and not the pleasing aroma.

If you want to smell nice, use a quality eau de cologne that you like. If you want to complete the process of getting a good shave, read on to learn about what aftershave is intended to do for you.

What Does Aftershave Do That Adds Value?

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It’s always better to have a good reason for using any product and aftershave is no exception. There are a lot of options out there and not all aftershaves are created equal. Using aftershave as a fragrance enhancer is a marketing hack designed to sell more aftershave, not make your shaving experience more enjoyable.

Chances are that if the fragrance is your primary motivation for using aftershave, you are not getting the benefit from the product that makes it valuable to you.

The best place to start in determining the properties you want in an aftershave is to analyze your personal shaving experience. What condition do you leave the skin on your face and neck in when you’re done shaving whether it be using an electric shaver, manual cartridge razor or manual double-edged safety razor?

  • Are there open cuts or nicks that bleed? We can talk about technique in another article.
  • Is your skin red and irritated or maybe a heat rash has formed?
  • Are you prone to developing ingrown hair problems from shaving?
  • Do you feel clean and refreshed after a shave?

The chances that you suffer from one or all of these conditions is high because shaving is actually a traumatic experience for the sensitive skin on the neck and face.

Also, if you shave your head and/or other parts of your body as a manscaping event, all of these body parts suffer from the same outcomes as shaving the neck and face. Aftershave can reduce the trauma and heal the skin.

The Benefits of Aftershave

The benefits range from healing the skin to improving your self-confidence and physical appearance in efforts to get that positive "first impression" that's so important to winning the competition for the right job and in building lasting relationships with the right people.

Healing Properties

The healing properties of aftershave are the first motivation of the astute man or woman in looking for the right product for them. If that's the case for you, you're looking for a product that is alcohol-free to avoid drying out the skin.

The right blend of ingredients provides an astringent, plant hydrosols and essential oils that absorb quickly and leave the skin soft and refreshed. These substances rejuvenate skin cells, reduce irritation and heal minor cuts and nicks.

The astringent is what heals the nicks and cuts while the plant hydrosols and essential oils address the health of the skin cells through their homeopathic medicinal characteristics. They are natural, organic substances created by steaming the oils out of plants and flowers.

Perfecting Personal Hygiene

If proper hygiene is your motivation for using aftershave, this is a method of prevention of an outbreak of acne. Acne is a result of not properly cleaning the skin and pores.

Aftershave provides a cleansing function that sweeps away the excess dirt and body oils that clog an open pore after showering.

The plant hydrosols and essential oils (from plants) will clean and condition the skin while the astringent in the aftershave will contract the skin and close the open pores before any irritating bacteria can get inside to cause an acne breakout.

Clean & Confident

The psychological aspects of feeling clean and knowing it contributes to a much higher sense of self-confidence.

It contributes to a sense of well-being that simply makes you comfortable around other people, who will probably throw a smile your way because they appreciate you taking the time to look good. They might even include a verbal compliment along with the pleasant smile.

The value to you in that is in the making of a good first impression with a hiring manager or the first step in the cultivation of a beneficial relationship with other people and co-workers.

Some Aftershave Tips

Cost is always a consideration when choosing any product. Aftershave is no different. It comes in many shapes and sizes with ingredients that can be expensive or reasonably priced.

So, you have to look at what you're willing to spend to have the best possible shaving experience. Examine the ingredients to make sure the aftershave meets your needs. Then, use it for a few weeks to see if it meets your expectations. Keep researching until you find the right one.

You also have the option of making your own aftershave to save money and get the costly ingredients at a better price. It can be as simple as combining aloe vera, olive or sunflower oil, and your favorite essential oil (e.g. lavender) to get the product you want.

The variety of essential oils gives you the option of changing the recipe at your desire. Each essential oil adds its own unique healing characteristic to the mix.

Do you shave your head? Did you ever wonder how men make that bald head shine? The trick is to counter the effects and irritation of shaving as well as the drying out effect of the harsh chemicals and soaps of most body scrubs and bar soap.

Keep some aloe vera around and use it to moisturize your scalp after shaving. The aloe vera will act as an aftershave to recondition the skin on the scalp and restore its vitality.

Its What You Do "After Shaving"

There are many factors at play during the act of shaving any part of the body. Developing a solid technique on how to use device your shaving with is important.

Using a pre-shave product before using an electric razor can pay significant dividends on avoiding skin damage. A proper shaving routine is equally important in building a series of steps that works for you in minimizing the uncomfortable effects of skin trauma from shaving.

Finally, aftershave is the perfect closing step for your shaving routine. It will clean up all the damage left over after the task is finished. We hope we were able to answer "what does aftershave do" for you and please leave us a comment below with your opinions on aftershave.

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