What Is The Best Numbing Cream For Laser Hair Removal

When it comes to laser hair removal and other forms of hair removal such as waxing people will tell you it doesn't hurt that bad. Well to be frank these people make their money selling these services so why would they try and scare you away?

The truth is everyone experiences different levels of pain from laser hair removal. That's why it is important to use the best numbing cream for laser hair removal. If you've never experienced it before why even worry yourself over it?

Picking up an over the counter numbing cream will go a long way. It will both calm your nerves before the process and it'll ease any pain during the process. It's a win-win in my book.

How Numbing Cream Works

Numbing creams have 3 main active ingredients: Lidocaine, Benzocaine, and Tetracaine. The numbing cream we recommend (Numb+ 100 on Amazon) is a Lidocaine based numbing cream. I find Lidocaine to be the best active ingredient in stopping pain at the skin level.

I've used Numb+ 100 when getting a tattoo and it worked great. I would be very confident using the same cream for laser hair removal or even to remove skin tags.

However, if you're considering using a numbing cream with a different active ingredient, some of our alternative options below may have these ingredients, here's what each one does.

Lidocaine - works by blocking nerve endings. Your nerve endings are responsible for sending signals to the brain that inform you of pain. If these receptors are blocked temporarily you won't feel any pain. If the receptors are partially blocked then you will experience less pain.

Benzocaine & Tetracaine - work as a chemical barrier which prevent electrical signals from building up within your nerve endings. This prevents the nerves from sending pain signals to the brain.

In the majority of people the pain is never ever fully prevented. So always expect to feel a little something when going through laser hair removal. But, if a numbing cream can take your pain level from a 7 to a 3 then I would call that a win.

How to Apply Numbing Cream

To get maximum effect out of your numbing cream make sure to apply it 15 minutes before your laser hair removal session begins. That's the basis to make sure you're going to be numb enough before they begin zapping with the laser.

I believe you can get an added benefit if you shave the area first. Shave away all the hair where you're going to get laser work done. This exposes more pure skin to the numbing cream when you're applying it.

Additionally, as you're applying your skin numbing cream work it in like a massage. Sure you could slap a little on the top and it will work but if you take the time to massage it into the skin you'll see better results.

Keys to Success: Shave First, Apply 15 Minutes Ahead, and Massage It In!

Think of these extra steps as lowering your pain scale down. The better job you do the less you're going to feel when the laser hair removal process is going on. So take your time and do it the right way and take your pain level from a 7 to a 3.

The Best Over the Counter Numbing Cream

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So what is the best numbing cream for laser hair removal? It's Numb+ 100 on Amazon! This is a Lidocaine based numbing cream that will block your nerve endings and greatly lower the amount of pain you'll feel.

It's an over the counter topical anesthetic cream that's also great for other skin conditions. You can find it useful for skin inflammation, itching, and other irritation. You can also use it on ant or mosquito bites.

This cream is designed to penetrate deeply to provide you with the best numbing possible. It's been thoroughly tested and has zero side effects. They offer a 45 day no questions asked money back guarantee if you aren't satisfied with your purchase.

Popular Opinion

So, out of all the reviews we've been able to come across they're all relatively positive. A lot of people use this cream for a tattoo and have been pleased by the experience. Laser hair removal looks to be the second most commonly thing this cream is used for and with all happy customers.

Here are some of the only issues I've ran into with Numb+ 100. If your laser hair removal session takes a long time you may experience the cream fading away early. If this happens you'll experience more pain towards the end of your session.

At around 60 minutes your cream will reach peak numbness. If your session is going to last a couple hours make sure to reapply during one of the breaks they give you between laser sessions.

Don't be frightened if your skin feels rubbery. This is very common but it doesn't happen to everyone. Your skin will react differently from someone else's and some people go through this rubbery feeling for a short period of time.

Lastly don't be afraid to apply a heavy amount of cream. Everyone will have a different experience using numbing creams and if you've never used it before and are going to apply some before laser hair removal then go ahead and apply a healthy amount.

I would rather be overly numb than not numb enough.

Alternative Numbing Creams

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If for any reason you're not sure about getting the Numb+ 100 numbing cream I recommend one of these three alternatives. Read each one over and see which way you lean. They'll all get the job done and ease you way through laser hair removal. The one thing to note is that I've chosen all creams with a Lidocaine for the active ingredient.

I believe Lidocaine to give you the best results for laser hair removal.

Numb 520 - This numbing cream is quite similar to Numb+ 100. It's a Lidocaine based cream that advertised to absorb quickly into the skin. Maximum numbness is reaches in around 30 minutes after application.

You could honestly swap either Numb 100 or Numb 520 out for the other. I would just go for which ever one is cheapest at the time of purchase.

Hustle Butter - This product is usually used for before and after getting a tattoo. It's a great alternative option to some of the other numbing creams. If you're someone who doesn't like how numbing creams make your skin feel Hustle Butter is a good middle ground option.

Aspercreme - You've likely seen Aspercreme before as it's more common in local stores. With it being a name brand you're more familiar with you may feel more comfortable buying it. Just keep in mind that it's also a 4% Lidocaine cream so it doesn't pack as much power as Numb 100 or 520,

You're Ready for Laser Hair Removal!

Hopefully you now feel comfortable to try laser hair removal. Just think of the long term benefit of not having to deal with your body hair for an extended period of time. You can even possibly never have to deal with hair growth in your target area ever again.

Using one of the best numbing creams for laser hair removal isn't only to reduce any pain you may experience but it should give you enough confidence to get your foot in the door. I think it's hard to argue a point that would be for not getting laser hair removal.

Once you get over the slight discomfort associated with it I think you're going to love the outcome.

If you have any home remedies or suggestions for a reader please leave it in a comment below. Thanks for reading.

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