When to Start Using Beard Oil

You've heard all the buzz around beard oil but don't know when to start using beard oil. Truth be told there's a couple factors that really determine when you should start using beard oil. While you can begin using it right from the beginning when you start growing a beard it isn't necessary for everyone to do so.

I'll cover the different signs to look for to know when to start using beard oil. There's four main phases to look for so read each one carefully and see where you fit in best.

Lets Determine Your Beards Needs

Determining your beard needs is the first step in deciding when you'll begin using beard oil. Growing a beard largely comes down to genetics so not everyone will need beard oil at the same time.

Knowing when to use beard oil will help you utilize the oil best to maximize your beard results. The key here is to keep your beard healthy since beard oil acts as a supplement to the sebum oil you can naturally produce.

Early Growers

If you can grow a beard easily you may think you need to use beard oil right away. You actually do not need to use beard oil just because you can grow a quick beard. You don't need to apply beard oil until your facial hair gets close to 1 inch in length.

If the skin underneath your beard feels fine and your beard hairs feel fine on the way to 1 inch then you don't need to use beard oil. You want to begin using it at around the one inch mark because that's when your skin typically can't produce enough natural oil to support healthy growth beyond that.

Seasoned Beardsmen

For the more seasoned beardsman with more than an inch of beard growth you should start using beard oil now. This is the perfect time to start using beard oil to make sure your future growth is very healthy.

If you have a large beard you will require more drops of beard oil usually 6-8 drops for the largest beards. Your goal is to get the beard oil to the base of your beard and skin and also on the tips of your beard. Those are the two most important areas to make sure you're treating.

Sensitive Skin

No matter what stage you're in of beard growth if you have sensitive skin you should go ahead and use beard oil. Growing a beard comes with its own challenges such as beard dandruff, brittle beard, and a pulling sensation to the skin during the core growth phase.

Using beard oil early if you have sensitive skin will help reduce the severity of those effects and soothe your skin. Seek out a beard oil with vitamin e for the best results. Alternatively you may benefit from a different oil other than beard oil.

Beard Growth is Difficult

Do you have a difficult time growing a beard at all? If you're able to grow some facial hair and then it begins thinning you may benefit from beard oil. Men with trouble growing beards may have a wide variety of things going on so it's hard to guarantee beard oil will help.

However, at least giving beard oil a try for 3 months is something I recommend. One, because it's a very cheap alternative to see if that was your problem. Your skin may not be producing enough sebum oil to aid your beard growth. If you commonly have dry skin then the odds of this being true are higher.

Plus beard oil is a low cost option to attempt to solve your issue. Other products typically are more expensive so why not start here first?

when to start using beard oil

What Benefit Does Beard Oil Bring?

When you first start using beard oil you'll see a noticeable difference in the first couple of days. The main benefit is keeping your beard healthy. While using beard oil your beard will have a natural shine to it and have an overall improved appearance.

Aside from keeping your beard healthy it also assists with split ends, dryness, and texture. If you're still on the fence about beard oil look at it this way. You buy products to take of the hair on your head, right? You purchase shampoo and conditioner for taking showers and to keep a healthy head of hair.

Buying beard oil for your beard is no different. You buy it to keep your facial hair healthy and like the hair on your head it's important to also maintain your manly mane.

Beard wax provides the same benefits with the addition of providing a light hold if you need something to style your beard with at the same time. We've written a separate guide for how to use beard wax.

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    Softer, luscious hair.
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    Clean & Neat Appearance.
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    Nourished Healthy Skin.
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    Conditioned & Healthy Looking Shine.
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    Stronger Beard & Better Growth.

Does Beard Oil Help Your Beard Grow?

This question gets asked all the time. The answer is yes & no.

During the earlier phases of beard growth you produce enough sebum oil to grow a healthy beard all on your own. You don't need beard oil to help you grow a short full beard and you can maintain it naturally without beard oil.

If you're looking for a bit more of a serious beard then yes beard oil will help you grow. It's highly recommended to use beard oil on a daily basis after the 1 inch of growth. It's the best way to make sure you're going to continue growing a beard at a healthy rate and reduce the likelihood of common beard issues.

Why Beard Oil is Important

I've mentioned it a couple times before but your cheeks can only produce so much sebum oil. When your facial hair grows to a certain point you become unable to have enough sebum oil reach out to the tips of your beard.

When this happens your beard begins to slow down growing and starts to show signs of bad health. Your hairs will begin to have more split ends and you'll have more of your beard fall out quicker.

Using beard oil to fill in where your body cannot is the ultimate action you can take to make sure your beard stays healthy. When to start using beard oil depends on you and your body but one thing is for sure... most men should be using it eventually.

The Best Time to Apply Beard Oil

So, you know when to start using beard oil but what's the best time to apply beard oil? Here's what I recommend.

After You Shower - Always apply beard oil after getting out of the shower. Taking a hot shower strips the natural oils from your beard. The heat and steam feel amazing but they're not the best thing for your beard. Apply a couple drops of beard oil and bring the oils back into your beard.

Before Bed - Right before going to bed apply just a drop or two. Try to get this oil down to the base of your beard and onto the skin underneath. This helps keep your skin moisturized through the night and makes your beard more manageable in the morning.

Mid Day (if needed) - This depends on the nature of your environment throughout the day. If you work outside or in colder climate you can guarantee you'll need to reapply some beard oil in the afternoon. Make your best judgement and if your beard feels dry or needs some extra love apply a little oil mid day.

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