Vegetable Glycerin for Shaving: Where to Buy It

Vegetable Glycerin has several benefits when it comes to shaving, but where can you buy glycerin? You can get CVS Glycerin, but for whatever reason its getting harder to find. Other major retailers carry vegetable glycerin such as Walmart & Amazon.

I find it easier to just buy it online than from my local store. Mainly because I've got to drive to the third furthest away retailer in my town to get it. Instead I just add it to my next online order when I'm running low.

Vegetable Glycerin & Shaving Tips

Adding vegetable glycerin to your shaving routine has a couple beneficial effects. After I first experimented with adding glycerin to my shave routine I was quite happy and never looked back. I'll always choose to add glycerin to my shaving routine if I have some available.

If you want you can actually shave with only vegetable glycerin & water. Using a small amount of water to keep your cheeks moist, add some glycerin. Put the glycerin in your palms and rub your hands together and apply to your moist cheeks.

It's really only recommended for a days growth or less to use only water & glycerin to shave with.​

The main use for vegetable glycerin is to add it to your shaving bowl and mix with your shave soap. It makes for a great moisturizer and adds some glide to the shave. Ultimately it makes the lather thicker.​

If you mix shave soap, cream, and glycerin in your bowl it becomes uber lather.​ If you've never tried this lather you'll seriously become addicted to it. It's especially handy if you've got harder water.

Here's a great video about using ​glycerin to make Uber Lather:

Where to Buy Vegetable Glycerin

You can buy vegetable glycerin from most major retailers. If you live somewhere like me and couldn't find the CVS glycerin you'll probably just want to pick some up on Amazon.

The product is actually very cheap and once you have it, it doesn't take much when adding it to your lather.​ A bottle this size of 1 Quart will last you several months before needing to buy anymore. If you end up loving glycerin in your lather, like most do, you can save even more money buying it per gallon.

What else is glycerin good for?

You might like to know that glycerin has a many number of beneficial effects on your skin. Just make sure to not ingest it or you may find yourself in the same situation as taking a laxative.

Some of the beneficial properties of vegetable glycerin include:​

  • Gives skin a soft and supple feel.
  • Helps retain water in skin.
  • Works wonders for cracked heels.
  • Removes clogged impurities and can lighten skin shade.
  • Fills in wrinkle gaps to make you appear youthful.

It's Some Great Stuff!

You can obviously see how awesome vegetable glycerin really is. Now you know where to buy vegetable glycerin so pick some up and test out your own Uber Lather! If you do, leave us a comment below and let us know how it turned out.

There's also many more benefits to using vegetable glycerin than what we listed. Do some research and find out all the awesome things this product can do for you.​

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